Poetry/Short Stories

Garden Allure

Summer earth squeezed through working fingers
moist and whispering to be fed
the colors of the season soon to blossom
how can I not oblige Her request?
such pungent aroma enticing me with Her seductive promise of magicical, annual renewal?
Oh! She’s a woman of wiles, Mother Nature
A temptress of every man’s senses
willingly intoxicated by Her.

copyright cjunis 05

Spring Reigns!

Was it really forever
since the last time
Spring reigned?
Or did Winter freeze any hopes we harbored
of Her return?
Hopes again were realized upon the faces
of children at the beach
guiding kites in wind directed sails
and wet, tail wagging dogs
who made their Masters smile
at that extra few feet they swam in the surf
retrieving a tattered, water logged tennis ball
Winter was tucked away once more
the moment sun rose to Sunday high noon,
and kites, dogs and children gave the order.
We even caught a glimpse of the dogs

copyright cjunis



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