After School Crazed

Do It All Diva!

We’ve finally settled into the routine of a school schedule, reluctantly leaving behind the lazier ways of summer and looking forward to a productive and fun school year. New teacher, new friends, new adventures.
It’s the first week of November so we’ve got it down pat by now. What I hadn’t recalled, when raising our other kiddos, was the after school commitments and sports activities and how the “run around cycle” wreaks havoc on the aforementioned schedule. After school activities deplete your energy and drain your gas tank; tosses any idea of cozy family dinners out the window and drives up stock in Chef-Boy-Ardee and Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese. You can pretty much bank on being in bed 10 minutes after the boy goes down for the night and then asleep with the remote in your hand or the book not even opened on your lap.
At 9:30PM.
Let’s see, there’s band and clarinet lessons on Monday. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday bring youth football practice and squeezing in the school newspaper project on Wednesday afternoons and before practice on Thursdays. Game day is on Sunday. Oh! The dog trainer comes on Saturday mornings. Yes, we got a dog. A puppy who is now 8 months old. And a Lab. A rambunctious Lab, to say the least. We’ll save that for another blog post. The Spouse and I have learned the fine art of division. Not mathematically speaking, more along the lines of “you take football, I’ll do band and newspaper days and we’ll both watch the Sunday games.” Anyhow, the football program ends this weekend (we’re in the championship game by the way! Undefeated to boot! WOOHOO!) so after that we get to breathe a tad easier a couple of days a week.
Until basketball season starts in January. Hmmm.

Happy Friday all!



  1. John Lunn · November 10, 2010

    Hi Grandnana,
    I’m a grampy’s raising 3 grandsons in NH. I’ve started blogging the trials and tribs and would love to exchange links. My blog is

    Reading your blog sure is familiar to what we’re going through here.

    Keep on rockin’

  2. Jody Worsham · June 3, 2011

    Yea!!!! I have found a kindred spirit or at least someone in the same after school pick up and deliver line as me. I started writing humor when I became a mother again….at age 61 with a newborn and a three year old. We are in the t-ball playoffs. Both children just finished the ballet “Cinderella” so no ballet lessons 4 days a week with Girls Scouts on Mondays, violin on Wednesdays, and T-ball. That is being replaced with gymnastics and tumbling three days a week and reading lessons on Thursdays. Only 70 1/2 days until school starts!

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