The Dentist IS My Friend (a mantra)

I’ll admit, I have a teeny weeny dental phobia. Okay, maybe more than teeny weeny but I’ve managed over the years to overcome it, for the most part, at least enough to get the necessary dental work done. I even had peridontal surgery! But that’s another post.

I sit here typing with a gaping hole in my mouth ..and a maritni by my side. After much pleading with my patient, compassionate, well skilled dentist to please replace (which means re-glue) that crown into place ONE more time, he finally convinced me it just ain’t happening and the tooth would need to be extracted in prep for a …… implant. Lord, I just can’t think about it without breaking into a cold sweat. Yet when the time comes, I’ll bite the bullet..possibly his fingers….and do it.

My reason for bringing this to your attention is how I made the decision when my kids were quite young that they NOT be burdened with the same disdain for the dentist as I was. You see, when I was growing up we didn’t have dental insurance and so were only sent to the dentist in “emergency” situations. Not a fun way to establish a positive, trusted relationship with a man who you saw only when you were in pain! And so my children first saw the dentist at age 3 and I was quite diligent about bi annual cleanings and sealants, preventive care and braces. The whole enchilada.

And I continue that regimen with the GP. In fact he ASKS when his next cleaning is! He eagerly strides through the door never noting or commenting about the antiseptic smell that makes me nauseous. He smiles at the receptionist, flops in a chair with ease and comfort and hops up when his name is called like he’s first in line at the burger joint with a free coupon! And then turns to tell me as I rise to accompany him, “I’m good Nan..I’ll be right out”. I smile and nod, turn back to my chair and magazine and then think I’ve done something right here and he won’t feel the need for a martini after a dental visit.

Hey! maybe he’ll opt for dental school and I can get my dentures for free! Now there’s a thought!

Happy Thursday.
Love and Light.


One comment

  1. larbacmc · March 26, 2010

    I need a whole mouth of dental inplants and trying to look overseas for a dentist because it is
    too expensive in U.S.A. to do it $50,000.+ I can’t use the removabe dentures.
    that was a total waste of time.
    Oxicotin pain killers will be a sure Methadone clinic after a year on Oxicotin to ajust to the dentures so I have ruled the dentures as a lost cause since ending up on methadone is what will happen after a year on Oxicotin.
    I found out it is a 95% fail rate for getting off of Oxicotin and Heroin being the same type drugs so it would be a sure methadone clinic.
    I did also find out many methadone clients are with dentures so .
    They get cheap dentures for only $4000. but end up paying $5000. a month on Oxicotin then methadone for life, once you get use to the horrors.
    The removable dentures should be removed from dentistry as old outdated and ends up costing a lot more in the end, for a cheap $4000. for a whole set of teeth.

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